Repair Process

Quoting and Assessing

Each vehicle is examined in great detail. Our estimators prepare an in-depth, fully itemised quote using the latest computer technology. This allows us to gain authorisation from your Insurance Company to proceed with repairs as soon as possible.

We are approved repairers for most insurance companies. This means that repairs can commence, in many cases, straight away without the need for multiple quotes, resulting in your car being back on the road in the shortest possible time.

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Precision alignment equipment allows our panel repair technicians to repair your vehicle to great accuracy. We align your vehicle to manufacturers’ specification, which means that when your car has been repaired by Woods, it has been repaired properly.

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Having been repaired, it’s now time for the cosmetics that most people see and understand; the paint work. At Woods Accident Repair Centres we use the industry leading PPG Global Refinishing System. PPG technology is applied to over 85% of the world’s new cars at manufacture, so you can be sure of the Woods finish!

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After the repairs and paintwork are complete, our experienced and highly skilled assemblers re-fit the parts as required.

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Quality Inspection

After your vehicle has been re-assembled, it is washed and undergoes a full systems check and thorough quality inspection before being given the clearance to be handed back to you … Finished!

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Delivery and Follow Up

Once your car has passed our quality inspection, you will be contacted by one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives or your Insurance Company to organise the pickup or delivery of your vehicle.

All work conducted by Woods Accident Repair Centres is covered by our written guarantee.

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